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Heavy-duty transit drums are sold for installation on the equipment and for aftermarket to:

  • Original equipment manufacturers for installation on the original equipment and for their aftermarket sales
  • Axle manufacturers that supply axle assemblies with wheel-ends to OEMs
  • Transit authorities for servicing their fleets
  • Heavy-duty distributors of brake drums often stock for local distribution to fleets in quantities required
  • Owner operated bus fleets small and large procure standard brake drums directly

DuraBrake™ has proprietary metallurgy for transit applications with specific strengthening and hardening elements for improved performance and high-temperature creep resistance. Recent economic factors are driving the industry away from this superior metallurgy. DuraBrake™ recommends use of the right product for safety applications in transit.

DuraBrake™ offers special-designed transit brake drums to meet the industry demands:

  • Regular and undersized drums with brake face 0.040 undersize
  • Vented drums to increase cooling during vehicle operation
  • Ribbed exterior (vertical or horizontal) drums to provide structural integrity and improved heat dissipation
  • Low runout to eliminate need for turning drums before installation
  • Dual pilots for superior piloting and good braking concentricity
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