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Most suppliers do not participate in the specialty brake drum market. Parts become specialty for many reasons. DuraBrake™ specializes in serving this market to support customers who often have no where else to go or want to pay less. These drums will typically not show up on our interchanges or online catalog.

DuraBrake™'s unique manufacturing process has given us an edge in the market making us a niche player. Customers depend on DuraBrake™ in situations when:

  • Small volumes of brake drums are required to be manufactured
  • Parts obsolete by major producers because the volumes are not attractive
  • Manufacturer has gone out of business
  • New designs which others do not want to take on due to pattern (die) cost.
  • Often other specialty brake drum producers charge heavily and DuraBrake™ is more reasonable
  • DuraBrake™ (formerly Durametal Brake) is known for supporting customers in difficult situations

DuraBrake™'s unique pattern designs offer flexibility in making new part numbers. DuraBrake™ has roughly 2,000 different part numbers some developed specifically for select customers with proprietary designs and metallurgy. We have a very large database of competitor part numbers and welcome your call so we can help you. These interchanges are usually not found on our online catalogs. In addition, we are rapidly adding more part numbers with time either from our existing patterns or new patterns developed from samples. To make communication easier with the customers, the following diagram is used to define critical dimensions and shapes for low volume brake drums:

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